June Exclusives 0.25oz Set With 15mL Cuticle Oil


Purchase June Exclusives as a set of 7 .25 ounce dip powders and a 15mL dropper of Watermelon Sugar exclusive cuticle oil  at a discounted price.

Tropic Like Its Hot leopard spot glitter

Living On Pool Time Fine aqua blue glitter

Floaties and Flamingos Chunky color shift glitter

Glow For It Bright summer yellow that turns blue in the sun and glows yellow

You Glow Girl Neon green flakey dip that turns a deep green in the sun and glows green

This Is Glowing To Be Fun bright flakey orange that turns berry in the sun and glows coral

Cool By The Pool thermal dip powder that is bright purple when cold and hot pink when hot

Watermelon Sugar is a delicious fruity watermelon scent 


Not eligible for any further discounts. Available through 7/3/22

Dip powder nails are quickly becoming more popular for DIY manicures. Beginner friendly and cost effective, our nail dip powder is 9 free, vegan and cruelty free.

Powder dip nails last up to three weeks and require no UV light to cure. Dip nail powder adds strength and protection allowing your natural nails to grow longer than ever before. With proper soak off removal dip powder will not damage your natural nails.

Enjoy salon quality nail enhancements from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price.

We offer multiple sizes from a one teaspoon sample to a full ounce.

Each size will yield the following number of manicures depending on the number of dips (we like three) and the length of your nails.

1 tsp sample 3 full manicures
0.25 oz 5-7 full manicures
0.5 oz 7-10 full manicures
1 oz 14-20 full manicures

Weight5.8 oz


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